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    Why should you live in Ile de France ?

    Owning a luxury flat in the Ile de France region

    The Ile de France region is undoubtedly one of the main places to live a fulfilling professional life, whatever your field of activity. You can choose between more than 1,200 communes, each of which offers a different living environment. The region’s professional and cultural dynamism is highly appreciated by its inhabitants. Not to mention its advantageous geographical location. In addition, the region offers all kinds of infrastructure to facilitate travel in the city, the suburbs or in the countryside. Entrust your project to a prestigious Paris real estate agency that will be able to analyse your needs and find you the best property offer corresponding to your different criteria.

    Ile de France region: general information on the property sector

    The pandemic and the few waves of confinement have had an impact on the daily life and consumption patterns of the French. These events, which have marked the world, have also had an impact on the criteria of buyers in terms of purchasing luxury homes for sale in Paris and elsewhere in the Ile de France region. Also, many employees have decided to move away from the big cities as they now have the possibility to continue telecommuting. This has enabled them to live in an architect-designed house with an exterior, a search that is not always obvious when you want to live in big cities like Paris.

    However, this is not a problem for those who love the capital and its bustle. They have no hesitation in entrusting a luxury real estate agency in Paris to find them the property that meets their taste and needs. The fact is that properties in and around Paris are rare and therefore quite expensive, especially houses. Throughout the Ile de France region, house prices are more expensive, whether they are in Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne, Seine-et-Marne, Val-d’Oise, Yvelines and Essonne, etc. Nevertheless, some houses in certain towns are cheaper than flats in more expensive cities such as Paris.

    However, it should be noted that the price of the property is not the only criterion to be considered when buying a flat or a house. It is a long-term investment that deserves to take into account other parameters such as the level of security of the neighbourhood, its accessibility, its infrastructure (schools, hospitals, shops, banks, stations, etc.), its green spaces, etc.

    The best cities and districts to buy in Ile de France

    By choosing to buy in Paris, for example, the owner will be able to enjoy the charm of the French capital while appreciating its rich cultural life, its architectural heritage, its gastronomy, its bars and its shopping centres on the Champs Élysées. Paris is also the capital of employment and allows students to pursue their studies according to their chosen field of study. If you can afford it, there is no reason to miss out on Paris and its riches. Even if the supply of properties is limited, professional agents know their stuff and can work miracles to find you the standing flat in Paris, the corner flat in the centre of Paris or even the exceptional triplex in the 15th arrondissement that suits you.

    It may happen that you work in Paris, but you don’t want to live there. Why not try the nearby suburbs? There are several cities that offer this pleasant living environment without being far from the capital. These include Vincennes, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Maisons-Laffitte and Aubervilliers.

    And because not everyone has the same aspirations, many French people also want to buy a property in the middle of nature. Auvers-sur-Oise, for example, is a pretty green area that has everything to please, including a museum, a castle, a mill and a train station. There is no shortage of local shops.

    In the Val d’Oise, Enghien-lès-Bains stands out for its spa and the tranquillity of the town all year round, giving the impression of being on holiday every day. Fontainebleau also attracts French people for its greenery and the charm of its heritage. Future owners who wish to buy a property in this town can find different types of flats with terraces and panoramic views and atypical loft flats.

    In addition, Dourdan and Saint-Gratien also have their assets in terms of sports, nature, entertainment and sports facilities.

    Buying a luxury flat in Paris: some suggestions

    For one reason or another, the demand for real estate in Paris is constantly rising and it is always difficult for families, couples and students to find a property for sale that is still available for purchase. Our Paris luxury agency has various interesting offers for Paris flats and houses (Paris VIth, Vth, XIVth arrondissement), rare opportunities to be seized immediately.

    Paris VIII :

    • In Parc Monceau in Ternes, 105,4 m² flat in a Haussemanian building with veranda and lift.
    • In Berryer Faubourg du Roule, a charming 4 room flat on two levels with the cachet of the old well preserved (co-ownership of 16 lots not subject to any ongoing proceedings).
    • A high standing Triplex with direct and private access to the Parc Monceau, 7 rooms on 556 m² and a large 330 m² garden.
    • A Duplex of 40 m² of living space with 2 rooms with storage and a sleeping area.

    Paris XVI :

    • Architect’s house entirely renovated next to the Bois du Boulogne and the OECD of 409,24 m². With 6 rooms, indoor pool, hammam, sauna and gym.
    • Just a stone’s throw from Place Victor Hugo, corner flat with 130 sq.m of living space and 10 sq.m of balconies in a luxury Haussmann building.
    • An exceptional contemporary duplex of 435 sqm with 7 rooms and parking.

    Paris XV :

    Saint-Armand de Plaisance in the centre of the 15th arrondissement, new 2-room flat of 40m² loi Carrez on the second floor. Close to shops, restaurants, schools and nurseries.